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This is a quick example of a knowledgebase article. Each article can have it's own navigation stick, and each heading on the page can have an anchor link attached to it.

Start the process

Here is some example text of a longer version of a first step. This format is great when you need to explain things more, not just using a ordered list.

1. The first step
Here is some text describing the first step.

2. The next step
Here is some text describing the next step after the first step.

3. The final step
This is just an example of a list to show how content will be presented.

Continue the process

We're using built-in elements and text utilities to make this list more legible and understandable. This is a great starting point for a step by step guide within your knowledge base article.

The knowledge base page examples are a great starting point for creating FAQ's, documentation, and more. In this section, we're using the lead paragraph class to make the text a bit larger so it's more legible since it's meant to be read in sentences.

Finish the process

We've used spacing utilities, text utilities, and other components within this article example. This is just an example layout of a few things you can do within an article page. Thanks for reading!

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